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Between Here and Gone

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6/19/06 01:01 pm

I was looking through my yearbook with my mom yesterday, and when we were finished reading it she said, "Nicole, you are a well loved girl." Which is so weird because last year, I wasn't at all. I find it very interesting that now that my time in Garden City is finally coming to a close, I have started to make friends again. I was so happy because I was going to be able to go away to college and not miss anyone, except dave. And now I have friends again. Really good, true, actually care about me friends. At least one of them is going to school with me. I've always loved this quote but it has taken on so much relevence in the past few days. Only three people know what I'm talking about. That is weird too. Anyway:

"Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there with open arms and open eyes."

I'm sort of getting the feeling that things are looking up on almost all counts.
Summer 2006, New York University 2010, here I come.

3/31/06 06:31 pm - it's been a while

I'm stealing Alli's idea 

She Loves Me
April 7th and 8th
8 pm
Garden City High School 
$8 for students, $10 general admission

It's basically You've Got Mail with letters, and in Budapest.  This show is very important to me and a lot of other people.  So please, if you don't have any other plans, come on one night.  Just one.  Thanks very much.  Bring your friends.

Also, if you come Friday, you are invited back to my house after the show.
And also, I got into NYU.  Finally someone wants me. Yay.

1/26/06 02:09 pm

I haven't written in soooo long but people have been complaining so i'm resurrecting my livejournal.  last entry was about my roadtest, i didnt pass that one but i passed the next one, so if you need a ride i guess i'll give you one. if i like you.

college auditions have been going okay

  1. Syracuse - done, i was sick and my voice was like poop, so yeah, not getting in there
  2. Catholic - i forgot my headshot and my resume, my mom fortunately had a wallet senior photo of me, and my dad emailed my resume, but still, drama. wherever i go, drama follows. and then i set my tape to the wrong accompinament and spent about 20 minutes looking for the right one, couldn't find it, so i just did one song. and i messed up my monologue. the good news is, they approved me for acceptance, so now all i have to do is get into the school
  3. University of Miami - went okay, the only person that watched auditions was the freaking movement teacher, so, um yeah. but it was alright
  4. Florida State - best one yet. callback for dance, apparently people in the hallways were impressed when i started singing. they cut my monologue off but i got most of it done. i got into the university with a scholarship, so hopefully i'll get into the school of music
  5. Ithaca - leaving tomorrow
  6. University of Michigan - Feb. 3
  7. NYU - Feb. 4
  8. Cincinnati Conservatory - Feb. 5
  9. Penn State - Feb. 17
  10. Carnegie Mellon - Feb. 18
  11. Illinois Wesleyan - Feb. 24

So yeah, wish me broken legs i guess. i really really want UMich. really really bad. as does every other person i've talked to. hmm

midterms are done! i've been having a really amazing past few days though. which is good. things are really good.

sorry about the long entry. maybe i'll keep updating.


11/19/05 09:58 pm

Road test in two days. Now that's scary. Anyone who took it in Garden City want to give me advice? Thanks.

11/17/05 09:23 am

Study hall la la la. I'm surprised the school hasn't blocked livejournal like it blocked everything else. Anyways blood donating today. I am kinda nervous that I will be really weak or whatever. Oh and Masquers really pisses me off. I can't wait to get out of this stupid ass town. AND Winter Wonderland pisses me off. Cause it's so much drama that is totally unnecessary. Why can't we all just have a good time? GRRRR...

Other than that, everything is good. It's Katie Kim's birthday so wish her happy birthday. And it's thursday which is almost friday which is almost the weekend.

That's all.

11/3/05 06:42 pm

it's very strange not having a best friend. i realized recently that i haven't for a while. kinda makes me sad a little. who wants to be my best friend?

PS: Dave you are my best friend but you are also my boyfriend so it isn't the same. i heart you. don't be mad at me.


10/31/05 10:13 pm

phil dorn and I are having a birthday party together and it is going to be a rave/clubbing party at my house. we are turning my house into TABU. Michelle Cooper I know you are excited.

PS: You all have to dress like guido kids and slutty club girls. OK thank you. Good bye.

10/26/05 09:23 pm

Today dave, tommy and I went to party city and looked at costumes. then we went to burger king and played table football. i lost, miserably, of course, because all forms of sports are totally NOT my thing. then tommy made his fro even more fro-like with a burger king crown, and i put one on and we scared passing strangers out the window of dave's car. DONT YOU WISH YOU WERE US? I know you do. It's okay. I know.

next topic: I love the feeling that my life is going somewhere. It's an amazing thing to know that you have a future. I also love Stella Adler. A lot. It is so educational. Finally learning how to act! YES! AND everyone there is awesome AND we are having a sick party for me and elizabeth's birthday in 2 weeks. WOOT.

okay so the point of this entry is that I am telling you all that my birthday is November 21st. This is the last time it will be mentioned. (if i remember not to mention it again) And then I am going to see who remembers. NOVEMBER 21 NOVEMBER 21 NOVEMBER 21

in other news, Dave is amazing, as usual, I don't deserve him because he is in fact so amazing, blah blah blah, no one cares, etc. Senior paper was handed in today! I hope mine was decent. And mr psenika told me I held a note for 5 beats when it was supposed to be 6 but in actuality I DID hold it for 6 beats. And we got in a fight about it. I am a really big music nerd

Death Cab is my favorite band, thanks nick and phil and nick's friends for being cool.

and it smells like BLUEBERRIES.

I love new friends.

Last but not least, my cheap ass parents are conserving energy and have not turned the heat on yet, so my fingers are now frozen to the keyboard

sorry about this long entry

10/6/05 10:11 pm

do you ever wish that you could just change your personality? like just snap your fingers and stop being so stupid/annoying/self-centered/mean/obnoxious? i wish that right now. i wish i didnt say stupid things when i got angry. i wish everything didn't have to be about me. i wish i appreciated people more.

fact of the matter is, i need to change. most people probably haven't felt the full effect of my true self, but i still need their help. i need all the help i can get because up until about 2 hours ago, i didn't believe in changing. i thought everyone was made as they were made and that was that. but then i realized that my personality might just screw up the one good thing i have right now, just like it screwed up all the other good things i used to have.

usually when you feel like everything is your fault, it usually isn't. this time, everything is my fault.

please give me another chance.

10/2/05 06:15 pm

it's happening again. why can't this time just be different? why can't i just be different?
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